Do you want to create a course together?


I know this is kinda “out of the blue” so before you book travel arrangements lets play a game…

Here’s the rules: I ask you a question and you tell me what makes sense. Got it?

Okay lets begin.

If it was your dream to open a bar/restaurant which makes sense…

Scenario 1:

Go to college for 5 years
Spend 3 of those years taking classes like Art History, Advanced Algebra, Shakespeare
Acquire $100,000 of debt
Scenario 2:

Find someone who actually owns a bar/restaurant
Learn from them
Duplicate their success and avoid their mistakes
🎵Insert Jeopardy music here🎵
5….4.…3…..2………….1…… TIMES UP!

If you didn’t choose Scenario 2, please scroll down and click the “unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of this email.

For those still here, let me ask you a follow up question.

If you can’t go to college to learn how to open a bar/restaurant, THEN WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GO!??!?

BOOM, there’s your light bulb moment and here lies the opportunity and the point of this email.

College is slowing down, indebting, and failing entrepreneurs every single day. America is waking up and your customers are actively searching for alternatives and THEY DON’T EXIST!


So, do you want to create the solution together? If so, here’s what I need from you…

You have to be an expert in your field! You need to have years of experience, content, accolades, previous customers, testimonials, and anything else that would be deemed as “LEGIT”
What you teach needs to HELP PEOPLE
You need to care about your students more than you care about money
So basically if you’re not full of 💩 and not a douche bag, I want to create a course with you… BUT why would you want to create a course with me?

In summary, it comes down to the “S-M-T-T-I” aka the Big 5.

1. Structure: I’ll help you decide what teaching style and format is best for you #clarity. “1-on-1” vs. “1 to many” “Newsletter vs. Video vs. Audio Drops” “membership site vs live” (you get the point)
2. Money: We don’t do it only for the money but DAMNNNNN do we like money. And courses are mighty profitable:

Do it yourself courses 

High Ticket Programs 

V.I.P. Days (like the one being offered in this email you’re gonna finish reading)

3. Time: The best part about it, is that you’ll only spend about 5-10 hours a week teaching. Which gives you plenty of time to have family time.

4. Tech: The #1 reason we see experts not take action is because of technology overwhelm… so how about we just do it for you. Sound good? I have a team and we build a new courses all the time.

5. Impact: It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how you make your money. Our courses have helped THOUSANDS of students from all over the world and the testimonials make it all worth it. #contribution

The pain I’ll help you avoid:

Refund Pain: The result of having boring and/or non-valuable content
“WTF do I do now” Pain: The result of having no idea what you’re doing or how to do it
“I have a course but no one’s buying it” Pain: The result of believing “if you build it they will come”

An overview of the process:
1. 2 3 4 5  …

3 weeks of Continued Support:

Direct access to ME, David Smallman. That means you can just shoot me a direct message if you got questions.
Access to MY TEAM, who work in-house, to make sure your course is up and ready to be sold.
Additional group coaching calls

So, if you’d like to work together simply click here to get on my calendar, I’ll call you and we can chat.

A note in advance: This does cost $12,500 plus you’ll need to purchase some additional software (pretty inexpensive but necessary).

Also note, I’ll only be working with 5-7 people due to the fact this is a LOT of work and I wanna make sure we over deliver.

If you’re serious about changing the world with your expertise, send me your PHONE NUMBER and we’ll talk soon!

Talk soon!